Become a part of "Team PFP" today...If you are participating in the Country Music Marathon on April 27, 2013, join the team and raise money for Parkinson's Research. If you are not running, you can still be a part of the team by supporting a member.

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Want to donate to a Team PFP runner? Click here now! 

Promote your fundraising effort by emailing your friends and asking them to support your run for Team PFP! Click here to download the text of an email you can send to all your friends: PDF, Microsoft Word or text file.

If you're a runner and joining Team PFP, we ask that you raise a minimum of $50.00. You will receive:

  • Runner's Shirt (raising $50 or more)
  • A ticket to Petey's Party:  Dinner, Entertainment & Auction (raising $100 or more)
  • A ticket for a guest to Petey's Party! (raising $250 or more)

If you prefer to mail your donation please use the below contact information. Please make checks payable to: "Peterson Foundation for Parkinsons".

4205 Hillsboro Rd
Suite 317
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: 615.292.0159