Reviving speech and improving lives

SpeechVive was designed to help people who suffer from a low/weak voice due to Parkinson’s disease speak more loudly and communicate more effectively. Multi-site clinical trials over the last 4 ½ years demonstrate 90% of the people who used SpeechVive received significant benefit in their loudness, articulation, and speech rate.

For more information on the SpeechVive go to website where we have several testimonial videos and a description of how the SpeechVive device works.

Speechvive currently has 7 National Parkinson Foundation Centers of Excellence trained including Vanderbilt Medical Center where people can go for an evaluation to see if SpeechVive can help them.  The speech language pathologists who are trained to program the SpeechVive device are (Keely McMahan 615-936-5040) or (Mike de Riesthal 615-936-5044).