2023 Navigating the Parkinson’s Path Expo: Insights and Information for Improved Living


On Saturday, August 12 the Peterson Foundation for Parkinson’s welcomed nearly 150 members of the Middle Tennessee Parkinson’s community at the Gordon Jewish Community Center in Nashville for the Foundation’s 4th Annual Navigating the Parkinson’s Path, presented by Supernus. This day was a true testament to the power of community, bringing together individuals with Parkinson’s, caregivers, advocates, and experts.

The event started with a welcome from Founder, Brent Peterson and Board Member, Jay Lowenthal. They recognized and thanked all the PFP Board members and support group members in attendance. They acknowledged all of our sponsors, of whom without their support this event would not have been possible.

Dr. Jill M. Giordano Farmer began the day by discussing a comprehensive approach to treatment as Parkinson’s progresses. Dr. Farmer stressed that nothing happens in isolation within the brain, making a mixture of medicines essential for a holistic approach. She also highlighted the significance of social engagement and exercise, which impacts both motor and non-motor components of Parkinson’s disease.

In addition to medication, social engagement and exercise, Dr. Farmer stated hydration and proper nutrition is crucial for managing day-to-day symptoms, energy absorption of medications, and reducing constipation.

After a brief Rock Steady Boxing exercise break, facilitated by Colleen Bridges of Bridges for Parkinson’s, Dr. Thomas Davis provided valuable insights into disease modification and the role of alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease. Disease-modifying therapies aim to slow the progression of Parkinson’s, providing hope for better long-term outcomes. Understanding alpha-synuclein and its contribution to the disease has led to new therapies and trials aimed at reducing its impact.

Following Dr. Davis’s presentation, Carrie Friddell from Peterson Voices led the attendees in vocal exercises and provided information on the benefits of vocal health for individuals living with Parkinson’s. At this time, attendees enjoyed some time to mingle with our sponsors and learn about the resources available to the Parkinson’s Community within Middle Tennessee.

The final presenter for the day was Dr. Daniel M. Corcos who shared the incredible benefits of resistance training, particularly its impact on individuals with Parkinson’s. While any form of exercise is beneficial, according to research studies weight training stands out as more advantageous, leading to a 7-point improvement in strength after a 24-month study. Additionally, resistance training enhances cognitive outcomes, preserves brain matter, and improves balance, posture, and gait.

As we continue this journey together, we encourage you to explore the resources shared during the event. Stay informed, engaged, and empowered, every step you take contributes to a better life with Parkinson’s.

Thank you for being part of our event, and we look forward to further sharing valuable insights to support our Parkinson’s community. Let’s navigate this path together, armed with knowledge, support, and a shared commitment to improved living.


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