At the Peterson Foundation for Parkinson’s we believe in creating a sustainable future where our mission can continue to thrive in the future. Our Endowment Fund is a cornerstone of this vision, providing a steady and reliable source of income that empowers us to make a lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Why an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is more than just a financial resource; it is a commitment to longevity and stability. By investing donations into this fund, we ensure that your contributions continue to support our initiatives year after year. The earnings from these investments allow us to plan ahead, innovate, and respond to emerging needs with confidence and agility.

How It Works

When you donate to our Endowment Fund, your gift is invested wisely and managed by the PFP Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors. The principal amount remains intact, while the interest earned is used to fund our programs and operations. This approach not only preserves your donation but also multiplies its impact over time, creating a perpetual source of support for our cause.

Your Legacy, Our Future

Contributing to our Endowment Fund is an opportunity to leave a legacy of positive change. Whether you make a one-time gift or include us in your estate planning, your generosity will resonate through the years, touching countless lives and fostering a better world. Every donation, big or small, helps build a foundation of hope and possibility.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Peterson Foundation for Parkinson’s office at brent@petersonforparkinsons.org.

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